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They Came to My House

Last week, there was a knock at the door. Thinking that it was a customer coming to pick up a part I’ve ordered for him, (I repair lawn mowers at home part time) I went out through the garage to meet him. But instead of finding the customer; I found two Jehovah Witnesses. A man and a woman.

Now what? I know many people would politely or not so politely close the door on them. But what should we do as Christians? Well all through the New Testament Christians were going out into the world spreading the Word. But what do we say when the Jehovah Witness or Mormons comes to our door? First be nice and show respect. After all most of them are respectful, and so should we. We must also stand firm on God’s true Word. And remember these people are not the enemy; these people are in the need the true Jesus.

The true Jesus? If I told you that I believe in President Obama because he’s a fine Chinese-American man who grew up in Texas; you could say that I really don’t believe in him, because I don’t know the first thing about him. Well it’s the same with the Lord Jesus. Many claim they believe in Him and yet don’t know the first thing about Him.

I heard once that both the Jehovah Witness and Mormon are trained to answer questions; that they are suppose to teach. Good, we’ll start there.

The man of the Jehovah Witness said something about doing good. I quickly interrupted and asked, “What if I have done bad all my life, and then got sick. What if because of this sickness I am laying on my death bed unable to do anything? Is there any hope for me?”

Both the man and the woman had no answer for me. The man was thumbing through his Bible hoping to come up with some kind of answer. He then said something about Jesus. (for those who are new to my blog; I do have a hearing loss)
I interrupted again, “Who is this Jesus?”
He calmed down some and said Jesus is son of God.
“Son of God? What does that mean?” I asked.
He started thumbing through his Bible again. He clearly didn’t know the answer. Finally he came to the book of John and said Jesus is the word.
“Who or what is the ‘word’?”
He answered saying the ‘word’ is a god, and then he showed me John 1:4 in his bible.

In the last few minutes something has happened to this Jehovah Witness. I was asking questions he couldn’t answer. And since he’s trained to teach; in a panic he was looking for answers. Any answer. His mind is now open for the truth. Or more open anyway. Right then I told both of them that I’m getting something and will be right back.

I went into the living room, grabbed my laptop, told my wife the Jehovah Witnesses are here, (she always prays for me, which is very important) then I went back out to the garage.

I opened the Bible software on the laptop and went to John 1:1-4.
1 In the beginning the Word already existed. The Word was with God, and the Word was God.
2 He existed in the beginning with God.
3 God created everything through him, and nothing was created except through him.
4 The Word gave life to everything that was created, and his life brought light to everyone.

I read it again slowly. “In the beginning the Word” I held up one finger. “The Word was with God” I held up another finger symbolizing God. “The Word was with God” I said again as I moved the two fingers together. “Word was God.” I then wrapped my hand around around the two fingers symbolizing they’re one. I continued, “And in verse 4 says nothing about ‘a god’. In fact it says the Word, ‘Jesus’ gave life. Only a true God can do that. Jesus is God.”

The man was looking over my shoulder at the laptop. I showed him New Living Translation, American Standard Version, New King James Version, and The Message. Each time I showed him the thing with my fingers. The man now realize there is a problem with his bible. Again I reminded him that there is only one God, therefore Jesus can not be just a god because He is God.

Then I did something I have never done before. I went back to the first part of Genesis. “In the beginning God created.”
Right then the woman spoke up “I know, God created us in His image, which means we’re gods.”
“No. Not true.” I answered. “We were created in His image as in representative.” I pointed to the closest logo. “See that Tecumseh logo? That logo is not the company itself, but only an image or representative of the company with that name.”

This logo is an image or representative of a manufacture

This logo is an image or representative of a manufacture

I went back, “In the beginning God created. When Adam and Eve sinned the Lord walked through the garden calling for them. I believe this is God in the form of Jesus. But before all of this you have the Spirit of God going over the water in the beginning. So now you have the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.”

I wanted to talk more and so did he, but now there is a car sitting in front of my house waiting to pick them up, they really had to go.

So if a Jehovah Witness or Mormon comes to your home, don’t slam the door in their face. Talk with them. Listen to what they have to say. But keep this in mind:
No matter what you hear, remember Jesus is Son Of God. He is Lord. He is 100% God and yet 100% man.
Our sins (our wrong doings) have separated us from the very just God. Our sin has made it absolutely impossible to be good enough to be right with God. The wages of sin is death. We are saved only through the grace of Jesus.
Jesus died and on the third day rose physical back to life with is own body.
Another thing to remember is even though the person who comes to your door uses scripture to back their claim; it is often out of context.

Here is an example.
One day I was talking with someone about a hernia operation, and how the incision broke open. A woman who was eavesdropping only heard part of it and laughed at me said something about how I should have followed doctor’s orders and not be doing something stupid. She laughed again and left. What she heard was out of context. The truth is I was driving when someone pulled out in front of me. I slammed on the brakes and the seat-belt broke the incision open. I did nothing wrong.

If you would like to read more about how I have talked to people about Jesus (and how some have talked to me about Jesus) please read my book, A Whole Mess Load of Grace.

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