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Mission Fest Seattle

This last weekend my wife and I went to Mission Fest Seattle. We went last year and enjoyed it. This year because my wife is now retired we thought maybe we could find something we would be interested in and that the Lord would be leading us to. If He wants.

There were 81 different exhibitors which included a few universities, three radio stations, and the rest included missions like Word Concern, China Outreach Ministries, SAT-7, Puget Sound Christian Clinic, and many others. There were also several speakers. My wife and I listened to Josh McDowell an evangelist and apologist, and Linda Smith a former US Congress and founder of War Against Trafficking Alliance. Both of them were good speakers and had some very sobering things to say.

There were 86 separate individual seminars. There is no way one can take in all of them from 4:00 Friday afternoon to 9:00 Saturday night. You only have 6 opportunities attend to them, so you really had to pick and choose. My wife and I went to Reaching Evolutionists With The Marvel Of God by Mark Champney and he presented to us parts of his video Evolution Demolition. It was very interesting. I enjoyed it.

I also went to Jehovah’s Witnesses: The Mission Field On Your Doorstep by Richard Berghammer from Mormons Need Hope. There I learned that I have been telling the Jehovah’s Witnesses about Jesus the wrong way. Turns out when I tell them what the Bible really says, they stop listening. They are trained not to listen to anyone who is not with the Watch Tower, or to even question what they have been taught to other Jehovah Witnesses. From what I understand, you must keep them in a ‘teaching’ mode. If you force the facts, they are trained to think they’re being persecuted. I didn’t say this but the first thing that came to my mind was, “What whimps! Being persecuted means losing your job or being thrown in jail for your beliefs. Not having someone disagreeing with you.”

Later I had trouble deciding which seminar to go to. Do I want to go to The Great Commission Means More Than Go, or do I want to go to Islam, Challenge or Opportunity? For some reason I had a very difficult time deciding. So I did what anyone in the Pacific Northwest would do; I sat down and had coffee. Iced latte, 24 ounce. After all I still had about 15 minutes to decide. I turned around and a young woman sitting behind me stated talking. After we were talking for a while two other people came and started talking with us. After a while my wife came and join in talking with us. It was like a family reunion with brothers and sisters you never met. Maybe the reason I couldn’t decide which seminar to go to was because God wanted me to talk with the woman, just to help raise her spirits.

My wife and I went to Mission Fest Seattle last year and this year. And the Lord willing, we’ll go again next year. For those who can make it the next Mission Fest will be in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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