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Merry Christmas

What do you do when you hear Happy Holidays at the store? Do you just let it go, or do you complain to the management? Do you answer back with a Merry Christmas?

I myself just say Merry Christmas back to them. I have found that even though they don’t or can’t say Merry Christmas to you, they will most likely enjoy hearing it. Even those who don’t celebrate Christmas will often take it as a good will jester. So go say Merry Christmas.

Now for an off-beat Christmas story. For over twenty years I have had a beard. Sometimes it’s trimmed and sometimes it needs trimming. And although it used to be dark, it’s not anymore. It’s gray. My wife says it’s because I’m getting old.

One summer day, maybe July, when my beard was a little longer than it should be, (when you’re a self employed mechanic, you can do this.) I was in the store shopping. When I went around the corner of the aisle a small boy of maybe 4 or 5 years old saw me, and cried out, “Santa Claus”.

And to that I quickly said, “Yeah and I’m here to see if you have been naughty or nice.” The kid was shocked and greatly shaken up. He quickly ran off to his mom.

I don’t know who this boy was. I’ve never seen him before. But I bet you he was most likely the best behaved kid for the rest of the day.

Have fun this Christmas and remember whose birthday we’re celebrating.

The real Christmas story.

Luke 2:1-40

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?

It’s Christmas time. Time to go to the stores and buy gifts. It’s part of our culture. And like it or not, we will hear “Happy Holidays” as we stand at the checkouts buying these gifts.

As Christians, we celebrate Christmas and not Consumer Day or some other generic holiday. So as Christians, this bothers some of us, and yet others of us say it’s no big deal.

So what do we do with store employees and stores that say “Happy Holidays”? Some say that we should boycott the stores. I’ve heard some say we should write letters demanding they say Merry Christmas. But I must ask; will boycotts change the minds of CEOs? I doubt it. What about writing letters? The main thing I see happening is they will see Christians as a bunch of angry people. But we are not angry people. We just want to remember Jesus and celebrate His birth without having this other stuff crammed down our throats. So what should we do?

First remember many people are stressed out this time of the year. Second we must remember that we must stand firm for our Lord in love. After all Jesus come so that whoever believes in Him willingly will live. Forcing Jesus on others is counter-productive. So what should we do?

I have a suggestion. I’ve done this for several years now. When someone says “Happy Holidays” to me I try to always smile (a real smile, not like an angry dog bearing its teeth) and say “Merry Christmas” back to them. When I do that two things usually happens. One they almost always smile back. Two many times they will say Merry Christmas back to you. In other words, even though they may say Happy Holidays to you, most often they will love hearing Merry Christmas back from you. So no matter what; say “Merry Christmas”.

O Holy Night sung by Kenny Rogers with the lyrics

Merry Christmas

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