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Creation or Evolution?

We all know there has been a big debate about which is true. Is creation true? Did God really create the whole universe, complete with stars, planets, and this earth with all the plants and animals on it? Or did everything happened only by mindless accident? Is there a way to find out?

According to there are between 3 to 30 million types of animal species. Wikipedia said the Earth is about 4.54 billion (4,540,000,000) years old, plus or minus .05 billion. The universe is 13.798 billion (13,798,000,000) years old, plus or minus .037 billion.

Too bad we can’t go back through time and watch it all happen. But what if there is an experiment we can do? What if this experiment could prove if evolution was true or not? I will try to go through this experiment step by step and explain my reasoning with you so you too can do this experiment. The number one thing you will need is a spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Office Excel or OpenOffice.

For this experiment there will be a short sentence in form of a question: Hello how are you today? How long could it take for this small sentence to evolve? What are the odds?

If a child were to hand in the homework saying: ‘hello howare you today.‘ it wouldn’t pass. Why? Because the ‘H‘ in Hello, wasn’t in upper case, the space between the words how and are are missing, and the period should be a question mark. So to do this little experiment, we’ll have 26 upper case letters, 26 lower case letters, space, and a period,and question mark to chose from. 55 characters total. (The space between the words count as a character.) The sentence is only 24 characters long. If I were to type ‘h‘, I would have 55 characters to chose from. When I type ‘o‘ that’s another 55 characters. And ‘w‘ another 55. Together it would be 55x55x55 and not 55+55+55.

Spreadsheet IV edited

Let’s use the first set of columns for an example. In column A there is a 1 in 3 chance that the number chosen will be 2. In column B there is a 1 in 3 chance that the number will be 1. However if you put both A and B together it will not be 1 in 6 chance for 21, (3+3) instead it will be 1 in 9 (3×3) chance as seen in column C. You can see by looking at the second set of columns; working with letters is done the same way. So getting back the word ‘how‘. It will not be 55+55+55=165, instead it will be 55x55x55=166375.

So now let’s start the experiment. On your spreadsheet, in grid A1 type Hello how are you today?. In grid A2, since Hello how are you today? is 24 characters long, type =55*55*55*55*55*55*55*55*55*55*55*55*55*55*55*55*55*55*55*55*55*55*55*55 then hit enter. Please note the a spreadsheet will not see x as a times symbol, but only as a letter. To multiply you must use the * symbol. Also notice that the equal sign is in the beginning and not the end. This is the only way a spreadsheet can do calculations.

Your answer will be 1 in 587,089,817,274,070,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 chance for Hello how are you today? to just happen by accidental means. If you get something like #### or 5.87E+041 double click on the line between the A and B at the top of the columns. This will adjust the width of column A so you can see the whole number.

In grid A3 type If changes happens 100,000,000,000,000 times per second
In grid A4 type Seconds:
In grid A5 type =A2/100,000,000,000,000
In grid A6 type Minutes:
In grid A7 type =A5/60
In grid A8 type Hours:
In grid A9 type =A7/60
In grid A10 type Days:
In grid A11 type =A9/24
In grid A12 type Years:
In grid A13 type =A11/365.25 then hit enter.

Spreadsheet V edited

Your answer in years should be 186,037,536,845,030,000,000.

As you can see, evolutionists have a bit of a problem. Some say there is no God and that the whole universe with all the stars, and all the planets, is only 14,000,000,000 years old. If that’s not amazing enough these same people claim that within these 14 billion years over 3 million 3,000,000 animal species just accidentally happened. And this doesn’t include those that are extinct. What about DNA? What about the rest of the cell, because DNA alone isn’t enough. You also need the cell wall and the rest of the cell. I believe that evolution is nothing more than an illogical fantasy. The only logical explanation is GOD CREATED!

I believe there a few reasons why some people say they believe in evolution. One reason is they hear it from the “experts” and never question what they hear. Another reason is peer pressure. It is often difficult to go against the crowd. Advertisers know this. “More people buy this car.” “Smart people do this.” In this case: “Smart people know evolutionist are correct.” Well we’ve already proven that’s wrong. The chances of our little sentence evolving is nil. However it only takes a child a few moments to write it. Also many people say they believe in evolution because they’re are afraid of being called a stupid religious dummy. Also consider those who do research with the aid of a grant. They often have families to support, home mortgages, car payments. They can’t afford to loose that grant money.

The last reason, is that there are some people out there (and I believe their numbers are growing) who honestly want nothing to do with God. Some even hate God and say there is no God. (even though I am sure deep down, they know there is God.) Again I will say the only logical explanation is God created. Anything else is a fantasy.

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