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Radio was a kit, assembled in 1950 by my father-in-law. Amplifier assembled by me in 1980.

Radio was a kit, assembled in 1950 by my father-in-law. Amplifier assembled by me in 1980.

When I was a small boy my Dad took a string and tied it between two paper cups. He talked into one cup as I listened to his voice in the other. He told me that the telephone worked a little like that. As a four year old I thought this was pretty neat. I also reasoned that if the telephone worked like that, then the TV and radio must work like that also. After all, all three of them had a wire going into the wall. Then my Dad brought home a battery powered radio. Now what? My 4 or 5 year old mind couldn’t understand how it could work without a wire for the voice to go over.

In 1980 I saw a couple of guys working on a Mazda with a rotary engine (sometimes called a Wankel). I never seen a rotary engine before. I watched these guys working hard trying to that engine running. They tried everything they could think of to get that rotary engine running but couldn’t. I knew nothing about these things, so I started asking questions. “Which way does this distributor turn” “Which way does that one turn?” (This engine had two distributors.) “Which spark plug sparks first?” I asked other questions and they answered them.

Then I said, “If everything you say is true, then why not connect this wire here, and that one there, and turn this, this way, and this that way, and…” They tried my suggestion. Why not? Everything else they tried failed. The engine started. They were amazed. They knew more about that engine than I did. I just used the information they give me.

Some years later I was taking a class in electronics. One of the lab experiments, we were not allowed to do. Why? Because we didn’t have all the parts. We were missing an induction coil. In this class we learned this, that and other things. So now I’m thinking; if a transformer is made of two or more coils, why not see if I could use that. So I tested a couple of audio transformers on a fancy test meter until I found the coil measurement I needed, and used it in the lab experiment. It worked perfectly. The teacher however was upset that I was able to do it. You would think he’d be happy. After all I was using the information he gave us.

Also growing up and into young adulthood, I believed in evolution. And I was very interested in it. As a young man I read books on it. One day I started noticing things that just didn’t make sense. Chimpanzees have a cranial capacity of about 388cc (cubic centimeter) which is just under 1-1/2 cups. Gorillas have a larger one but then they are larger animals. People today have the average cranial capacity of about 1360cc. OK so far so good. But the Neanderthal which are suppose to be primitive man from no sooner than 30,000 to 45,000 years ago had an aveage cranial capacity of 1600cc. Some were as high as 1800cc, which almost as much as a 2 liter soda bottle. Why would a caveman have? a bigger brain than modern man?

Another thing I remember from reading these books 40 years ago, is that there is evidence of a world wide flood about 30,000 years ago. This book was written before politically correct thinking was widespread. But reading them lead me to believe the Neanderthal and the Cro-Magnon were killed in the world wide flood, about 30,000 years ago. This roughly sounds like the story of Noah’s Ark.

Random act of nature, or did someone make this?

Random act of nature, or did someone make this?

But another thing that got me thinking was, if millions of years was able to produce something as complicated as life, why couldn’t it produce something as simple as a coffee mug? After all, a coffee mug is just clay that’s been formed and heated. What about nails? Here we’re talking about only one element; iron. But we don’t go mining for nails. We mine for iron to make nails out of them.

After thinking about evolution, I came to believe that evolution is fraudulent. It’s nothing more than a fantasy. The only thing logical is, God created. After reading the Bible objectively, not with an agenda, I found the Bible to be true.

I believe the Bible is the word of God. I believe God created and that evolution is only an evil fairy tale. Also I believe that we have a sin nature and we need to be redeemed. The only way to that is through Jesus.

For this is how God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.

The Creature From Job – Supplement

If you remember from the first time I posted the article The Creature From Job I had trouble looking up Job 41:30 in Hebrew. So I asked one of our pastors Noah. This is what he said in his own words.

“The reason why you aren’t seeing Job 41:27- the end of the chapter is that English and Hebrew have the verses numbered differently. This happens often, keeping in mind that verse and chapter demarcations weren’t added till thousands of years after the original texts were written. In many cases the English verse numbers are beholden to the tradition of the King James version, which wasn’t translated from Hebrew and Greek at all, but from Jerome’s Latin Vulgate, which was done in the 400’s. Jerome was working from a different set of texts than what modern translators are working with… so in some cases there are some textual variances, or just variances in the way the verses are numbered.

In any event, in this case, all the same information is there it is just numbered differently. The English chapter 41 starts after the Hebrew Chapter 40:24… The Hebrew text continues with chapter 40 until verse 32.

So English 41;1-8 = Hebrew 40:25-32

That throws the numbers off for the rest of Job Chapter 41. The verses you are looking for are starting at Job 41:27

Job 41:27 (English) = 41:19 (Hebrew)
Job 41:28 (English) = 41:20 (Hebrew)
and so on…

Here’s the verse you’re after in particular:

NIV Job 41:30 His undersides are jagged potsherds, leaving a trail in the mud like a threshing sledge.

You’ll find that in your Hebrew Bible at 41:22

So pretty much everywhere in Chapter 41 the numbers don’t match, so if you were looking at Hebrew and matching up the numbers you were really looking a few verses ahead.


So I looked up in Hebrew Job 41:22 and there it was. King James Version ‘sharp pointed things’ in Hebrew is charuwts.

OT:2742 – charuwts (khaw-roots’); or charuts (khaw-roots’); passive participle of OT:2782; properly, incised or (active) incisive; hence (as noun masculine or feminine) a trench (as dug), gold (as mined), a threshing-sledge (having sharp teeth); (figuratively) determination; also eager:
KJV – decision, diligent, (fine) gold, pointed things, sharp, threshing instrument, wall.
(Biblesoft’s New Exhaustive Strong’s Numbers and Concordance with Expanded Greek-Hebrew Dictionary. Copyright © 1994, 2003, 2006 Biblesoft, Inc. and International Bible Translators, Inc.)

Mystery solved. I what to thank Pastor Noah Hormann at Creekside Covenant Church.

The Creature From Job

Sounds like a title to an old movie like The Creature From the Black Lagoon. The creature from Job is an interesting creature. But there are a lot common creatures that are interesting as well. I want to talk about them first.

I used to have a large friendly dog named Char. I miss that dog. But on a very hot day when Char would pant (and always on me) her breath would feel very hot. I would tell my wife that it felt like a furnace. That’s what happens when you have a large warm blooded animal that pants to keep cool. And on a cold day it would look like smoke was coming from her mouth and nostrils.

Another thing I find interesting is the way a cat’s eyes would glow at night because the way it reflects light when it’s dark. Or the way a fire-fly or lightning bug lights up at night.

Well enough of that. Let’s go check out The Creature From Job. (imagine drama type music here) This creature called a Leviathan and is found in Job 41. Some say it’s a mythical sea monster. Some say it’s a crocodile. Some say it’s a dragon or some other mythical creature. If you read Job 41 you will see that it was written in the present tense. This is an eye wittiness account.

Job 41:1-10 makes it sound like a very tough and ornery animal.

But what does this thing looks like? Job 41:12 says it has enormous strength in its limbs. Job 41:13 and Job 41:15-17 mentions armored skin. Job 41:14 its teeth. So the animal should look a little like this.

D Drawing II

Looks like an odd creature. (I never claim to be an artist.) About the limbs; horses are powerful animals, but you wouldn’t say they have powerful limbs. A bear however; does have powerful limbs. You can see the strength in their limbs, in their front claws. A turtle also has power limbs. This is why I drew this thing with short, stocky legs.

When I was researching this animal I didn’t know what the teeth looked like. I found on a website that said this didn’t have any grinding teeth but instead had ‘leaf type teeth’. Well leaves are flat and thin, so does this mean that this animal had flat and thin teeth? If so, then they could be like round knives.

As far as the armor goes, well armadillos have that. No big deal there.

I am a little disappointed that tail was never mentioned. When I first drew this I did it with a thin tail and again with a thick tail. In the drawing here I used a thick tail. You’ll see why soon.

There is one more obvious physical characteristic, and that is Job 41:30. In the New Living Translation it says, “Its belly is covered with scales as sharp as glass. It plows up the ground as it drags through the mud.” New International Version says, “Its undersides are jagged potsherds, leaving a trail in the mud like a threshing sledge.” I decided to see what the Hebrew said. However the software I’m using doesn’t have Job 41:27-34. I have no idea why. King James Version says, “Sharp stones are under him: he spreadeth sharp pointed things upon the mire.” So let’s put sharp pointed things on our animal.

D Drawing III-A

Hey this looks like could be an ankylosaurus!

Let’s see what else we can learn about the ankylosaurus. In verses 22 through 29 basically says nothing can hurt it. Fact number 4 of a dinosaur fact website confirm this. Verses 31 and 32 suggests that it spins time in the water. Fact number 7 of a dinosaur fact website says the ankylosaurus lives in near-tropical climate. It also says that a cold blooded creature. However verses 20 and 21 suggest that it’s warm blooded, the same way I told you about my dog earlier in this post. If you Google warm blooded dinosaurs you’ll get a lot of possibilities. Also I know for a fact that it can often get down to the 30’s in the near-tropical climate of the southern states. You can see your breath sometimes in the deep south.

Now about the fire in verses 18 and 19. Now I’m just guessing of course, but what if its saliva has glowing properties like that of a lightening bug or firefly? That might explain what could look like fire and flashes of light at night. But like I said, I’m just guessing here. And of course the eyes would glow like that of a cat.

Evolutionists claim that ankylosaurus became extinct about 65 millions years ago. Yet when I tried to find out when they believe man evolved… well I don’t believe they really have an answer. I got dates from 10,000 years for modern man to 100 million for the earliest, primitive sub-humans. Evolutionists seems to have a problem about what they claim and what the Bible says. Remember Job 41 is an eyewitness account of seeing an ankylosaurus first hand. And not only that, but mankind was not a bunch of knuckle-dragging sub-humans. Let read Job 41:6 “Will merchants try to buy it to sell it in their shops?” You can see they had a civilization. And if that weren’t enough, read Job 41:27 “Iron is nothing but straw to that creature, and bronze is like rotten wood.” Did you get that? These people worked with metal! They weren’t that primitive.

If this isn’t enough for you check out what God said in Job 40:15-17.
15 “Take a look at Behemoth,
which I made, just as I made you.
It eats grass like an ox.
16 See its powerful loins
and the muscles of its belly.
17 Its tail is as strong as a cedar.
The sinews of its thighs are knit tightly together.

There is only one creature I can think of that have a tail like a cedar, and you’ll never find one living anymore.

OK, now let’s see if we can warp your mind. (If it’s not done already) All through the ages mankind have been using animals to do hard work. In North America we have used horses to pull plows. I understand that in some countries they have used elephants to do logging. What if, just what if long ago people used dinosaurs to move very heavy things. We have already seen that man and dinosaurs lived during the same time. What if it was possible that they used dinosaurs to move very large and heavy stones? What if they used these stones to build the pyramids in Egypt? Honestly I don’t known if they did this, but it is possible.

Creation or Evolution?

We all know there has been a big debate about which is true. Is creation true? Did God really create the whole universe, complete with stars, planets, and this earth with all the plants and animals on it? Or did everything happened only by mindless accident? Is there a way to find out?

According to there are between 3 to 30 million types of animal species. Wikipedia said the Earth is about 4.54 billion (4,540,000,000) years old, plus or minus .05 billion. The universe is 13.798 billion (13,798,000,000) years old, plus or minus .037 billion.

Too bad we can’t go back through time and watch it all happen. But what if there is an experiment we can do? What if this experiment could prove if evolution was true or not? I will try to go through this experiment step by step and explain my reasoning with you so you too can do this experiment. The number one thing you will need is a spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Office Excel or OpenOffice.

For this experiment there will be a short sentence in form of a question: Hello how are you today? How long could it take for this small sentence to evolve? What are the odds?

If a child were to hand in the homework saying: ‘hello howare you today.‘ it wouldn’t pass. Why? Because the ‘H‘ in Hello, wasn’t in upper case, the space between the words how and are are missing, and the period should be a question mark. So to do this little experiment, we’ll have 26 upper case letters, 26 lower case letters, space, and a period,and question mark to chose from. 55 characters total. (The space between the words count as a character.) The sentence is only 24 characters long. If I were to type ‘h‘, I would have 55 characters to chose from. When I type ‘o‘ that’s another 55 characters. And ‘w‘ another 55. Together it would be 55x55x55 and not 55+55+55.

Spreadsheet IV edited

Let’s use the first set of columns for an example. In column A there is a 1 in 3 chance that the number chosen will be 2. In column B there is a 1 in 3 chance that the number will be 1. However if you put both A and B together it will not be 1 in 6 chance for 21, (3+3) instead it will be 1 in 9 (3×3) chance as seen in column C. You can see by looking at the second set of columns; working with letters is done the same way. So getting back the word ‘how‘. It will not be 55+55+55=165, instead it will be 55x55x55=166375.

So now let’s start the experiment. On your spreadsheet, in grid A1 type Hello how are you today?. In grid A2, since Hello how are you today? is 24 characters long, type =55*55*55*55*55*55*55*55*55*55*55*55*55*55*55*55*55*55*55*55*55*55*55*55 then hit enter. Please note the a spreadsheet will not see x as a times symbol, but only as a letter. To multiply you must use the * symbol. Also notice that the equal sign is in the beginning and not the end. This is the only way a spreadsheet can do calculations.

Your answer will be 1 in 587,089,817,274,070,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 chance for Hello how are you today? to just happen by accidental means. If you get something like #### or 5.87E+041 double click on the line between the A and B at the top of the columns. This will adjust the width of column A so you can see the whole number.

In grid A3 type If changes happens 100,000,000,000,000 times per second
In grid A4 type Seconds:
In grid A5 type =A2/100,000,000,000,000
In grid A6 type Minutes:
In grid A7 type =A5/60
In grid A8 type Hours:
In grid A9 type =A7/60
In grid A10 type Days:
In grid A11 type =A9/24
In grid A12 type Years:
In grid A13 type =A11/365.25 then hit enter.

Spreadsheet V edited

Your answer in years should be 186,037,536,845,030,000,000.

As you can see, evolutionists have a bit of a problem. Some say there is no God and that the whole universe with all the stars, and all the planets, is only 14,000,000,000 years old. If that’s not amazing enough these same people claim that within these 14 billion years over 3 million 3,000,000 animal species just accidentally happened. And this doesn’t include those that are extinct. What about DNA? What about the rest of the cell, because DNA alone isn’t enough. You also need the cell wall and the rest of the cell. I believe that evolution is nothing more than an illogical fantasy. The only logical explanation is GOD CREATED!

I believe there a few reasons why some people say they believe in evolution. One reason is they hear it from the “experts” and never question what they hear. Another reason is peer pressure. It is often difficult to go against the crowd. Advertisers know this. “More people buy this car.” “Smart people do this.” In this case: “Smart people know evolutionist are correct.” Well we’ve already proven that’s wrong. The chances of our little sentence evolving is nil. However it only takes a child a few moments to write it. Also many people say they believe in evolution because they’re are afraid of being called a stupid religious dummy. Also consider those who do research with the aid of a grant. They often have families to support, home mortgages, car payments. They can’t afford to loose that grant money.

The last reason, is that there are some people out there (and I believe their numbers are growing) who honestly want nothing to do with God. Some even hate God and say there is no God. (even though I am sure deep down, they know there is God.) Again I will say the only logical explanation is God created. Anything else is a fantasy.

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