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Revelation 9

Revelation 9 is about the fifth and sixth trumpets blowing after the seventh seal is opened. When the fifth trumpet was blown, a star that had fallen to earth was given a key to the bottomless pit. So now for the first question. Was this star the same star that was mentioned in Revelation 8:10? If so, then that would mean the star is a person and not a meteor as I thought in my Revelation 8 post. I know I’m missing something, but what?

Anyway the pit is opened and thick smoke comes out along with these nasty locusts.

I know many people believe the Revelation 9:7-11 are helicopters used in warfare. I don’t believe it. I believe these are real creatures.

Blackhawk Helicopter

Blackhawk Helicopter – U.S. Army

Many quote Revelation 9:7-11 and use it to describe a helicopter with the pilot wearing a helmet with gold colored stuff coming off of it and a machine gun as a stinger. However in verses 4 through 6 it says they will not harm those with the seal of God on them. And they will not kill anyone, only torture. Also people will not die even though they may want to.

The last time I checked (OK I didn’t really check) helicopters used in warfare are not meant to torture, but instead meant to kill and destroy.

Another thing to think about is, if the world is against God and His people; why would attack helicopters attack everyone but God’s people? Who would be flying these things? To me this doesn’t make sense. Remember these locusts came from the smoke that came from the bottomless pit.

The people will be tormented to the point of wanting death, but not allowed to have it. Imagine being driven to the point to where you finally jump off a tall building or bridge. But instead of dieing, you live. Now you’re not only in great pain from the fall; but the locusts are still stinging you.

Anyway the name of the king of the locust is Destroyer.

M1 Abram Tank

M1 Abram Tank – U.S. Army

In Revelation 9:13-14 the sixth angel blew his trumpet and then a voice came from the gold alter that stands in the presence of God. There is an altar made in Exodus 30:1-4 which I believe is a replica of the one in Heaven. The voice said to release the four angels that held back the Euphrates River. These four are to kill 1/3 of people of the earth.

Revelation 9:16-19 is a bit curious to me. I see nothing to suggest that this army of 200,000,000 is anything but human. Some people say that this army is Chinese since they have so many people. Maybe. The army could also be made up of several nations. Also “heads like lions, and fire and smoke and burning sulfur billowed from their mouths” sounds like a large gun or cannon. I wonder if this could be a tank. But if it is a tank, why didn’t John say something like a horseless chariot? Could the tails be machine guns?

20 and 21 says people never repented. When people go through hardships, they usually pray. They are also usually more open to hearing the Gospel and sometimes they will even turn to God. The more hardships there are, the more people will turn to the Lord. I believe that when God’s people are removed and things start getting bad, a few more people will turn to God. However these days people hearts are becoming more and more hard against the Lord. So life will get more and more difficult for for them. Many people will never repent. Ever.

There will be more things happening before the seventh trumpet is blown. I really hope I am correct in thinking that Jesus will call us up first.

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